It's getting more expensive to eat out, so people are looking for deals anywhere they can find them. Do you remember when you could get fast food for just a couple of bucks?

People who are watching their budgets are looking for the places where they can get the most for their money. There are also some businesses that people may pay a premium to eat at if the food and service are good enough.

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Mashed recently put together a list of the most expensive and least expensive restaurants in America. Minnesota has 54 locations of the most overpriced restaurants in the US.

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Wendy's named the most expensive fast food chain in 2022

Wendy's has historically cost more than its biggest competitors. Maybe it's because they commit to having the freshest burgers. They pride themselves in never-frozen, fresh beef. Do you remember when that went viral when they clapped back at an online troll?

Wendy's has historically cost more than other fast-food chains.

Mashed says even in the 1970s a burger at Wendy's cost more than Burger King or McDonalds. They say in 1971 a burger was about $0.30, but Wendy's was charging $0.55. Man, can you imagine if you could get a burger for that price these days?

Now, a Baconator burger combo will set you back more than $12.

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Wendy's has 54 locations in Minnesota.

Most of the locations are in the Twin Cities Metro area. The furthest north that Wendy's goes is Duluth, Minnesota.

Fast food is priced differently by region.

With it being a national chain, you would think that the prices would be standard everywhere. That's not the case. Depending on where you live, the price may be different. It has to do with logistics, economics, and politics. It's no surprise that Alaska has the highest fast food prices of any state because of it's geographical location.

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