Grab your phone and head to Wendy's! You can eat free there throughout the month of September and all you need is their mobile app.

Here's the deal: the fast food chain is offering up a free 10-piece chicken nugget with any purchase you make through their mobile app. (Their mobile app is completely free, by the way.)

According to Thrillist, you can cash in on the free nuggets by purchasing anything from the menu. You can even purchase a small item to get the free nuggets, like a soda or something off the value menu. You will have to pay a buck or two in order to cash in on the free nuggets but it won't have to break the bank.

You can only get the free nuggets through Sunday, September 27th. You better cash in while you can! There is a Wendy's location in Duluth. It is located at 1720 Miller Trunk Highway next to the Miller Hill Mall.

Back in March, the chain was feeling the love and offered up a free Frosty with every single order. It was at the beginning of the pandemic and as they stated, they knew we could all use a smile. (We wouldn't mind if they brought back this promotion too. Ha!)

Sadly, we are down a few Wendy's locations in the Northland. Prior to the pandemic and the giveaway mentioned above, two locations had to shut their doors. The chains were located in Cloquet and Duluth and will soon turn into Burger King stores.

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