The Amsoil Arena is a phenomenon itself, but this time around I need to praise the DECC's management and staff on their choice of concession food.  They wanted to make make it food you can eat with your hands, but done well and using local resources.  I believe they have succeeded.  Something cool to note, according to Jana Hollingsworth of the DNT, the concessions are all named after a local landmark that they face.  She lists Wisconsin Point, Enger Tower, Park Point and North Shore Landings.

  • Eric Thayer/Getty Images
    Eric Thayer/Getty Images

    Fraboni sausages

    I am a self-proclaimed hot dog fanatic!  The hot dogs at the Amsoil are actually sausages and made locally.  They are from Fraboni Sausage Company in Hibbing, MN.  If you haven't tried one yet, you must!  You'll be seeking out their products in our local grocery stores and supporting a local business.

  • Donald Bowers/Getty Images
    Donald Bowers/Getty Images

    Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream

    Between 2nd and 3rd period at a UMD Men's Bulldog Hockey Game it's ice cream time.  It doesn't matter how long I have to stand in line for my mint chocolate chip, it's Cold Stone Creamery so it's totally worth it!

    See the UMD Men's Hockey teams weight room, locker room and other behind the scenes fun [here].

  • Jana Birchum/Getty Images
    Jana Birchum/Getty Images

    Chicken Tenders

    I honestly haven't had the chicken tenders at the Amsoil, but when I told my daughter I was writing this blog she was all over it.  For families that have young children, this is the perfect finger food to keep the little ones happy!

  • Oli Scarff/Getty Images
    Oli Scarff/Getty Images

    Walleye Sandwich

    I didn't use to like fish.  One day I tried a bite of a walleye sandwich and I was hooked (pun intended).  You wouldn't think that a walleye sandwich from a sporting venue would be over the top, but it is!  Crispy outside and tender inside!

  • Cathy Kates
    Cathy Kates

    DECC House Made Chips

    The DECC is committed to sustainability and thus, they house make their own chips.  I fell in love with them at the Arrowhead Home and Builder Show and hand to find out how they were made.  They have just the right amount of seasoning and the crunch is perfect (my husband is shaking his head, he doesn't understand my need for crunch).

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