I love shooting clay targets, but there's a common problem.  Finding someone that can throw a clay pigeon with a hand thrower.   There's a trick to it, and you need to have enough arm strength to get it into the air. 

Also, you need to have the right flick of the wrist.  There's been a lot of times that the partner I was with couldn't consistently put pigeons up for me to shoot.  Now, with the EZ-3 Clay Bird Thrower, we don't have that problem.

The trick is that this has a hinge on it.  It allows for faster speed and a quick snap that allows it to release.   It's really a cool design and it delivers consistent throws each time.

The plastic is flexible enough as well, so you don't crack the pigeons when you load it in.  That's a common problem for a lot of hand throwers.

And, the reason I like the hand thrower design in general is because it's much more portable and light than bringing a spring loaded stand around with you.  You also have more freedom for different angle shots.  It's really the quick, cheap, and easy way to go!

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