Duluth Pack has revealed a new product that offers a pocket to conceal a firearm, specifically for those people with a conceal & carry permit.  This isn't the first time a company has designed a bag like this, but it is the first time Duluth Pack has offered it.  Some people applaud the company, others are outraged.


Comments on their Facebook post border (ok go well past) absurd.  Some say it looks like they are ready to rob a bank.  Others say they will no longer shop Duluth Pack because of their stance on gun rights.

People, conceal & carry is legal with a permit.  This company is offering a product to fulfill the demand of it's consumers.  If you don't like it, don't buy one.  Do people honestly think that having a satchel like this is going to make someone more likely to commit a crime?  That's right up there with a bank putting a sign up that says guns aren't allowed in here and then expecting a criminal is going to turn around and walk away.

I would even argue that a satchel designed to hold a handgun is safer than carrying a weapon in an open bag.  The pocket allows it to be separate from anything else that might interfere with the operation or mechanics of the gun.

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