Showing Minnesota some love! Although he's had a rough week, Kirk Cousins took time out of his busy day to sign an autograph for an excited young Vikings fan this week. While doing so, the quarterback just so happened to be rocking a sweatshirt from a famous Duluth brand.

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The official Twitter account for the NFL shared a photo of the football star signing a football while wearing a Duluth Pack sweatshirt! It looks like a light green sweatshirt with its famous logo bold and in purple on the front.

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While the story behind the photo is pretty heartwarming, it's also fun to see one of the biggest football players in the NFL rocking a local brand! Of course, Duluth Pack is known nationwide but its headquarters are located in Duluth so it makes this extra special.

It has been a really rough week for Cousins, who suffered an Achilles tendon tear during a game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday (October 29th). He had surgery to fix it on Wednesday, sharing a happy photo from his hospital bed, despite the fact that his season is now over.

In happier news, it looks like he has something in common with Guy Fieri! The Food Network host is also a big fan of Duluth Pack. He has been seen rocking their merchandise and even gave them a shoutout on social media a few years back.

This checks out, considering he is rumored to have a cabin somewhere in the region. He also travels here often to film his hit show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. He has filmed at a bunch of Northland staples, some even more than once.

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We love to see all the Duluth love in this random smattering of celebrities. While Duluth Pack does have a national following, it's always just fun to see a major celebrity rocking the brand with the name of the place we call home.

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