One of the sure signs of an approaching spring:  The Minnesota Department of Transportation is ending their Winter Load Increase in regions across the state. At the same time, their Spring Load Restrictions will go into place for the southern-most regions of the state.  The changes for both occur on March 3 or March 4 - depending on which part of the state (or which zone) you live in.  For the time being, there is no change to the North frost zone - the one which we live. The changes are tied to the seasons and the changing weather conditions.

Even though the load limits and restrictions aren't changing for the Northland yet, it's important for many to know where and how they are changing.  Many Northlanders are employed as over-the-road truck drivers or they work in industry's that depend on commercial trucking; the changes - as they roll out around the rest of the state - are important to take note of. Additionally, the North-Central zone starts just south of Duluth.

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Drivers who need to be aware of these limits and increases can keep track by visiting MNDOT's website; click here to see the specific dates tied to each zone. Details released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation outline how these dates are determined, tracked, and changed:

"The start and end dates for winter load increases are based on how weather is affecting roadway strength. These dates are established by monitoring roadway strength as weather conditions change. The end date for winter load increases is variable and drivers should check for updates throughout the year. All changes are made with a minimum three-day notice."

As always, drivers - commercial or otherwise - can get up-to-the-minute road information by visiting MNDOT's 511 website.

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