The William A. Irvin will be moved out of the Minnesota Slip over to the Fraser Shipyard in Superior this week and in preparation the Minnesota Slip Bridge will be pinned up.

According to the City of Duluth and the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, the William A. Irvin will be moved sometime between Tuesday, September 18 and Friday, September 21. The move is necessary for restoration and repairs of the historic vessel but is dependent on calm winds and lake conditions, as the ship has no propulsion mechanisms.

In order to maintain flexibility with the move, the Minnesota Slip Bridge will be pinned up beginning September 18 and it will resume operation after the William A. Irvin move is complete, which should take place by the end of the week.

Access across the slip is available by taking South Lake Avenue north to
Railroad Street.  The City says that a public notice will be issued prior to the departure of the William A. Irvin.

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