The Minnesota Slip Bridge is pinned open because of a braking problem and should be open later today.

According to a post on the Duluth Website, the problem is that the brake is not releasing properly and so therefore the bridge had to be closed so crews could work on it. Crews will be evaluating the problem first then should be able to get it back up and running. Pedestrians are encouraged to use the sidewalk that runs around the marina to get around to Harbor drive, or if coming the other way, use Harbor drive to the Baywalk and then the sidewalk that runs through the marina or follows it to Lake Avenue and then the sidewalk there.

The City of Duluth issued an apology on its website for the inconvenience. The Minnesota Slip Bridge has a history of breaking down and engineers thought they had it tackled, it's an unpredictable bridge and with all the up and down movement letting boats in and out, it does have some wear and tear.

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The Minnesota Slip Bridge was put in so that people could have a shortcut from the canal park across the marina to get to the DECC. That was to connect a Lake Walk that was added to add more reasons for people to visit the Downtown Lake area. When it was built it had to be able to let boats in and out and be wide enough to let out the William A. Irvin (if it needed to) and also the Coast Guard Cutter that used to be housed in that area too.

The Coast Guard Cutter is being moved and one of the ships has retired, and another is being brought in to replace her, but none of them are being kept there. The Minnesota Slip Bridge had to be opened when they took the William A. Irvin out of the slip to do repairs on it.

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