When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That's exactly what one Minnesota man did.

The man's name is Tom Grotting. He is making national news thanks to his 'frozen pants' movement. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

Grotting took advantage of the polar vortex last week and started freezing pants around his cold Minnesota town. Now, his efforts are going viral - but this story may seem familiar.

According to the Huffington Post, Grotting began freezing pants like this a few years back. He froze some jeans into the upright position during a previous polar vortex in 2013. Soon others started following his lead and with this, the 'Frozen Pants' challenge was born.

Since, whenever a cold snap comes around, he and his followers freeze pants around their Midwest towns. Thanks to last week's brutal cold snap, the challenge has re-emerged and gone viral yet again. All you have to do is search #frozenpants into any social media platform to see that others are a fan of having a little fun too. Ha!

This could be a little scary at first if you aren't aware of this new challenge. I know I would be scared if I saw frozen pants on the side of the road. I do love that we are making the best of the cold though. It's all in good fun!

Here are some tips on how to take part in the Frozen Pants Challenge, courtesy of the movement's founder. I'm sure another polar vortex is right around the corner.

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