This is a horribly disturbing story, and the outcome has disturbed many as well. A Minneapolis day care provider, Nataliia Karia was accused of putting a noose around a toddler's head in her basement.  The father had arrived and heard crying and was able to rescue the child. Karia then fled and drove off in her van and hit several people with her car before attempting to jump off a bridge.  Bystanders prevented her from jumping.

According to the Pioneer Press, Hennepin District Court Judge Jay Quam gave the defendant Nataliia Karia the 10 year probation sentence this week after 3 days of hearings. If she violates the terms of her probation she will receive 183 months in prison. She's also been ordered to receive psychiatric counseling.

Those affected by her actions and Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Christina Warren argued with the sentence, saying that mental health wasn't originally claimed as a defense so she should get prison time.

It's hard for a parent like myself to understand how someone who commits this atrocious act can get away without prison time being served, no matter if it was mental illness or not.

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