It's a struggle when you have a sick kid.  The average child who attends daycare gets an upper respiratory infection (cold or flu) 6-8 times per year.  Sometimes they can get the stomach bug 2-3 times per year.  And here's the kicker,  you can't give them over the counter medicine.  So what do you do?We've experienced this quite a bit with our 3 year old.  Every 2-3 months, he comes down with something.  In an article from, they explain why children in day care get sick so often:

To understand why your child has such frequent infections and seems like he is always sick, it can help to understand how infections are transmitted. Except for blood transmission, children are at high risk of catching illnesses caused by the methods described below because they are always putting their hands and other objects into their mouths. Also, younger children have not had the chance to build up a strong immunity to these common infections.

So what can you give your son or daughter to get them over the cold/flu or at least help alleviate the symptoms?  If he's running warm, we give him children's tylenol.  But when it comes to cough syrups and over the counter drugs, you're not suppose to give them to young children.  Also, there are some arguments in the medical field if you ever should give kids cold medicine at all?

We do use the cool mist vaporizer which seems to help a little, but besides that do you have any good cold/flu remedies for young kids?  If you do, please share.  I'll be sure to try them next time.  Which I'm sure will be in the next few months.

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