Halloween is over which means it is holiday season now, with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner. That also means, in my world, it is time for those amazing holiday romantic comedies.

You probably know by now that one of those very movies filmed in Duluth earlier this year. The movie filmed in a bunch of different locations across the area, with several scenes being filmed in downtown Duluth.

It was an exciting time for Duluthians, as there were celebrities everywhere! In fact, television star Katie Lowes is in the film and even went shopping during her downtime, stopping by Duluth Candy Co. to buy some treats for the cast and crew.

The movie shot in late spring and early summer, wrapping production in June. Throughout the filming of the movie, they held several casting calls for extras so there are many local actors and Duluthians in the film, which is pretty cool!

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Now, as the film gets closer to airing, we have a little more insight into exactly what we can expect from the film, called Merry Kiss Cam! We got a little more insight from those involved with the movie, who shared more detail on Thursday (November 3rd).

What Duluth Locations Are In The Movie?

There are so many places we can spot in the movie, according to the Upper Midwest Film Office, including the following; Fitger's, Essentia Duluth Heritage Center, Radisson Hotel Duluth - Harborview and Carmody Irish Pub. The film was also shot in parts of Lincoln Park.

When the movie was filming, it was reported that places like Apostle Supper Club and Mainstream Fashions for Men were part of filming but there is no word on if those places will be featured in the movie.

When Is The Film Premiering?

The film is set to debut on Thursday, November 24th!

Where Can I Watch The Movie?

The movie will debut on popular streaming service Hulu. It may available on other platforms in the future.

What Stars Are In The Movie?

We all know that Scandal and Inventing Anna star Katie Lowes is in the film, who plays Jess Wolfe. Other stars in the film include Jesse Bradford as Danny Carmody, Jr.; Angela Ko as Casey; Martha Millan as Sonja; Bryan Daniel Porter as Rick; and more.

It also has some Duluth locals in big roles, including Duluthian Bailey Stender, who plays the role of Kim.

Who Is Involved In The Film?

The film was directed by Lisa France and written by Maya Boudreau and Evan D. Watkins. It was produced by Mandy June Turpin.

What Is The Movie About?

Well, I am glad you asked. The movie is about two people who get put on a kiss cam and fall in love, hence the name of the film. It is a romantic comedy and a holiday movie.

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