I've blogged about ALDI before and what a great deal it is.  We've come to do most of our grocery shopping there now.  For the most part it hasn't been hard for us to switch to the "off brand" items, but I've been pretty hesitant to give up my name brand frozen pizzas.  How would the Mama Cozzi's pizza taste?  It was dirt cheap so we had to try it.

It turns out it's actually pretty good.  My normal go to frozen pizzas would be a Jack's.  They're cheap, easy to keep on hand and the kids will eat them if we need a quick meal that we didn't plan for.  The ALDI brand Mama Cozzi's is actually better and cheaper than Jack's.

It's got more sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and crust.  It's more filling.  The taste is really good, it's got a nice balance of spice but not too much the kids turn their nose up.  In terms of frozen pizza, this one stacks up to the rest, if not better.  I definitely recommend it too at the price.  On sale it was $1.99.  Regular price was just over $2.  So once again, it's another good buy at ALDI's.

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