Have you ever been to an escape room? I have and they are a ton of fun. I have to say being trapped in one would not be.

That's the whole premise of a new movie out in theaters nationwide. It is called 'Escape Room' and the plot is exactly what you might think.

The film follows six strangers who think they are taking part in one of the rooms as a chance to win money. Little do they know they are about to be tormented with their deepest fears - and newfound fears I now have after watching. (Ha!)

The movie is billed a "psychological" thriller as the group makes their way through rooms and scenarios that are out of a nightmare - or a bad horror movie.

I usually don't take movies like this too seriously. I like to watch them but don't necessarily think they are going to be great - so what about this one?

I spilled my thoughts on the movie below.

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