Little Debbie recently used their Twitter account to state that one of their snack cakes would be eliminated.  This scared me as one of the products pictured is a favorite of mine but, as I break it down, I think my favorite Little Debbie snack will survive.

Let's break down the products pictured, in order of the snacks I think should go:

  • Christmas Tree Cakes:  If you're going to eliminate a snack cake, this tops the list.  It is only desired seasonally and it's vanilla overload.  Really, would you miss it at all?  Oh, it's shaped like a Christmas tree?  So is my Aunt Bernice.  Next!
  • Honey Buns:  I forgot they even made these.  If you want a Honey Bun, just go to a real bakery and get a glazed doughnut that's baked fresh and tastes better than this sugar overload gut bomb.   *Side note:  This was the nickname of Ken Hayes in high school.
  • Nutty Buddy:  I doubt that Little Debbie will eliminate a snack that delivers the popular combination of peanut butter and chocolate.  Also, it also doesn't have that baked months ago taste that leaves a film in your mouth that other Little Debbie snacks suffer from.  I think the future of Nutty Buddy is safe.
  • Oatmeal Creme Pies:  How dare little Debbie even threaten the existence of what I feel is the best snack cake they make.  From high school through college, these were an absolute staple for me.  They have just the right amount of sticky gooey goodness.  They also have the word "oatmeal" in their name so you don't feel nearly as guilty eating them as you would eating "honey buns".

Little Debbie made a smart, attention getting marketing move threatening the elimination of a snack cake.  Heck, it made me write this and I never write about snack cakes while sober.

However, I think that based on the products they pictured, there are two obvious products that could be bye bye with little fanfare.  Would you agree?


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