I don't remember mass produced edible cookie dough being a thing when I was growing up.  Sure, I remember when my mom would make chocolate chip cookies I would sometimes grab a clump and eat it, which always tasted great! Of course, that was before I knew that raw cookie dough could lead to food poisoning due to having eggs and flour as part of their ingredients. So, a tasty treat could lead to a day cramped up in the fetal position.

Had I been smarter, I would've figured out a way to capture the magic of eating cookie dough without having to deal with the threat of E. coli. I'd now be a rich man and likely 100 pounds heavier.

Over the years someone did, in fact, evolve cookie dough. They had the genius idea to omit the eggs and heat treat the flour so that there was no risk of food poisoning while the thrill of the treat remained.

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That's great news for us, especially if you have a chance to visit Bridgeman's in Duluth! Bridgeman's Restaurant - Duluth made the fun announcement Wednesday on their Facebook page that they have added edible cookie dough to their long list of tasty treats.

S'mores is a solid way to debut this new treat. They could've gone with a standard chocolate chip dough, but that does have a "been there, done that" vibe so why not unleash s'mores right out of the gate?  Being a big ginger fan, I'd like to see some sort of ginger snap variety into fall, and I'm guessing the Christmas season will lead to some tasty options.

What flavor would you like them to add to their cookie dough menu? Is there a bad answer to that question? I would think not.  Fun fact, you can actually bake edible cookie dough and while what you get does not look like a cookie made from true dough, it doesn't taste bad at all. Hey, what can I say, I get bored on rainy days.

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