Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that Little Big Town was in Duluth Friday night. They brought 'The Breakers' Tour to the DECC, along with Midland and Kacey Musgraves.

It was an INCREDIBLE show. I have always loved Little Big Town (who doesn't?!) but I was absolutely blown away the second they started singing. It was a show that had a little bit of everything: uptempo songs with slow ballads and rocking cover tunes.

Case in point - they opened the show with an Elton John cover. All four members also had a song to stand out and shine, taking the lead on vocals. This was my favorite part of the whole show.

They made everyone feel special, even taking the time to read signs from the audience and make a joke or two about being in the land of so many lakes. Ha! It seemed they had just as good of time as we did because they took to Twitter and Instagram to give Duluth a sweet shout-out.

Sharing a black and white picture of them on stage, they wrote:

"Duluth, MN you blew our minds last night. So much fun we didn’t want it to end. Thank you. "

It is safe to say they blew our minds too. I can't wait until they come back again!

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