If you tuned in to The Breakfast Club Monday morning, you probably know it was all about our founding fathers. Ken & I decided to go all out for President's Day and the Monday Morning Laugh Off was no different.

I wasn't messing around and came into the holiday with my best president-themed jokes. It was a nice change of pace for the segment and the theme was a surefire way to win this thing.

In the end, Ken cracked under the pressure and finally gave in to one of my dumb jokes about George Washington. To witness the ridiculousness yourself, watch our Monday Morning Laugh Off above.

In case you didn't know - each Monday around 7:10, Ken and I trade jokes back and forth until one of us finally laughs. To watch our past joke battles, click here.

This wasn't all the fun we had, though. Earlier in the show, Ken challenged me to list all of our past presidents. I decided to get him back later by putting him on the spot with some president-themed trivia questions.

Until next year!

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