Every third Monday of February is President's Day. The day honors our very first president, George Washington, and all others who have served our country. It goes by many different names and is celebrated differently depending on where you live.

In honor of the holiday, Ken and I decided to have a little fun on The Breakfast Club. I had president-themed jokes for our laugh off and had spent some time researching all the men who have held the highest office. That being said, I learned a lot. Ha!

Which president was the first to go on record saying he saw an alien? Which famous presidential figure was a model and forest ranger? Who was the first to ever talk on the phone?

The average person probably wouldn't know the answer to these tricky trivia questions but after Ken put me on the spot to test out my history skills earlier in the show, I decided to return the favor. I was going to list off the facts but this was much more fun.

How did he do? Watch the video above to find out.

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