This might be the best story ever! An emu on the loose was captured by a sheriff's office in Minnesota on Thursday (May 4th) which is probably not what they had in mind for their day. It's also not the type of thing they usually go after, which makes the story even better.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office shared a photo of the emu, being sweet and chilling in the yard of a local. According to their report, the emu is from the Grant area and got loose at some point this morning. They went on a hunt for the emu and eventually found him.

Where was the emu? It turns out the cutie was just chilling with a homeowner eating apples. The Washington County Sheriff's Office called the emu "super friendly" and based on the picture they shared, that seems to be true. The emu is simply soaking in the sunshine.

Washington County is just a few hours from the Twin Ports. There is no word on how the emu got loose or who he belonged to but I am sure the owners are happy the emu is back because how can you not love it? This story is hilarious!

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We had a similar scenario in the Northland recently when a giant pig was found roaming around the streets of Poplar, Wisconsin. The pig was spotted by residents near Becks Road and Highway 13 in the area and was eventually found and brought back home. How come I don't ever see any cute animals out and about?

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