Kevin Fowler's 'The Weekend' is one of 15 tracks on 'How Country Are Ya?' and while it is more rockin' than 'Before Somebody Gets Hurt,' this new track follows the same common theme as every other song on the record. The singer shares what ties all of his tracks together -- and it isn't necessarily something you'll hear while listening to the album.

Rather, it's the people and processes behind the songs that carry the theme of the album, says Fowler.

In this exclusive video, he explains, "It's the whole theme of the record -- to write, record, and make music with people that you enjoy working with."

'How Country Are Ya?' is available for pre-order on iTunes here, and it will street March 4. Taste of Country will continue debut the rest of the tracks for Fowler’s fans, as well as the stories behind the songs, so be sure to check back regularly through March 4.

Listen to Kevin Fowler, 'The Weekend'

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