The title track from Kevin Fowler's upcoming seventh studio album asks a question the Texas singer is proud to answer. During 'How Country Are Ya?' Fowler is pushed by a cutie at the bar to prove his country credibility. The music video -- available for the first time via this Taste of Country exclusive premiere -- is his unique and comical response.

The 'How Country Are Ya?' album will be available on March 4. It includes 15 original tracks recorded in Austin, Texas, plus a special introduction from Earl Dibbles, Jr., the alter-ego of Granger Smith.

“I feel that we've come full circle on this album," Fowler says. "We did this one old school, like we did the early records."

The video finds Fowler on a farm, in his kitchen surrounded by some delicious country foods, jumping into a pond, cooking hot dogs at the campfire and resting his feet in his outhouse. 'How Country Are Ya?' will be released on Fowler's own record label. It's his first studio release since 'Chippin' Away' (2011).

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