One Minnesota restaurant got the surprise of a lifetime when two very famous celebrities walked through their doors over the weekend!

Before we get into the who and why of it all, I should remind you that Minnesota has been a celebrity hot spot at times. Recently, near the end of last month, Alex Rodriguez spent some time in Minnesota. He shared the photo on his Instagram page and seemed to be impressed with our fall season.

Prior to that, another example that comes to mind is actress Ashley Benson. She scored her breakout role in Pretty Little Liars and took a fun snap of herself while at Mall of America. She was in town filming a movie.

See what I mean? It isn't super unusual for a celebrity to pay Minnesota a visit but this has to be the most random. The randomness makes it even better!

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Pop star Justin BIeber and comedian Dave Chappelle were in Minnesota over the weekend and paid a visit to a local restaurant in Minneapolis. The restaurant is called Lotus and they shared two snapshots of the celebrities on their Facebook page Sunday (November 7th).

They didn't share too much but did say in the caption that the two enjoyed a special lunch. In the photos, each celebrity is seen posing with the restaurant's employees. Justin Bieber took a photo selfie style with some of the crew while Dave Chappelle posed with some of the employees for a normal picture.

The caption says that the two had a "special lunch" and a few others weighed in on the comment section. One person said that Dave "wouldn't miss" a stop at the spot while in Minnesota, making me think he goes there every time he is in town.

According to FOX 9 out of Minneapolis, Chappelle was in Minnesota over the weekend for a screening of his documentary called "Untitled" which was screened at the Target Center the day prior to the stop at Lotus. As for Justin Bieber, it is not clear why he was in Minnesota.

As for the restaurant they stopped at, it must be delicious! Lotus is a Vietnamese restaurant has two different locations: one in Minneapolis and one in Maple Grove. As mentioned, the celebrities stopped at the Minneapolis location. If I was working at the other location, I would definitely be a little upset that I missed out on this!

The randomness of this entire story makes it even better. The first thing that came to mind was a time over a decade ago when Bieber came to Minnesota. He went to Mall of America when he was in town for some radio event and it caused hysteria for teens everywhere.

I definitely wished at the time that I was at the Mall of America so I could have met or even just spotted him, as that was when he was first blowing up into a teen phenomenon. I am happy he came back, even if we don't know why. Ha!

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