It's not everyday that you see a Hollywood star hanging out in Minnesota!

In case you missed the big news, a film is being shot near downtown Minneapolis on Lake Minnetonka. The movie is called 'Lapham Rising' and it stars big names like veteran Bobby Cannavale and Ashley Benson.

It turns out one of the stars has been acting like a tourist while in town filming the movie! Ashley Benson recently posted a photo of herself hanging out at Mall Of America. She goes incognito in sunglasses posing outside of Margaritaville, located on the third floor.

Check out the snapshot below:

How awesome! I would probably fangirl for a minute or two if I spotted a big celebrity like this just hanging out.

It's nice to see her embracing everything that makes Minnesota so great. I am going to keep my eyes peeled to see where else her adventure takes her in our great state!

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