There is a new store open in the Miller Hill Mall! The store is the latest in a series of great and upcoming additions to the mall. This store also happens to arrive at exactly the right time because it is all about being cozy.

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It's in the name: Just Cozy. The store is located in between Spencer's and Glik's, right across from American Eagle. Their specialty really is being warm and cozy, selling leggings, blankets, scarves, hats and mittens, and other winter-type clothing.

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It also seems like the store is reasonably priced. They often share photos of their selections on social media, along with word of any sales they have going on. Plus, we need all the cozy clothing we can get in the Twin Ports.

This is not the first or only location of Just Cozy. There are stores all over the place. As for the premise, here is what you will find when you walk through the doors of the new store at the Miller Hill Mall:

Designed to be comfy and cozy. We provide a large selection of designs to fit every style. Just Cozy delivers quality and versatility without breaking the bank.
Check it out next time you are at the Miller Hill Mall, especially if it happens to be really cold that day. Ha! The store opened just the other day, as the news of the new store was announced on Saturday (October 14th).

 Along with this new store, a Five Below store is also in the process of opening up at the mall. I went the other day and while the store isn't done, they are definitely making progress.

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The list doesn't stop there! A Chick-fil-A will also open at the mall next year. On top of that, a Torrid store is rumored to be opening in the mall. A pop culture gift store called BoxLunch is also opening in the mall at some point soon.

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