It appears popular clothing retailer Torrid is working on opening a location in the Twin Ports area.

Once a brand owned by the company Hot Topic, Torrid is now one of the nearly 30 retail brands under the umbrella of ownership group Sycamore Partners, which acquired Hot Topic and Torrid in 2013. Sycamore Partners is also invested in brands like Staples, Talbots, Aeropostale, Lane Bryant, and Express.

Sycamore Partners describes Torrid as "a leading mall and web-based specialty retailer offering on-trend fashion apparel, lingerie, and accessories for the young, voluptuous woman who wears size 12 and up. Torrid operates more than 300 stores in the U.S. and Canada."

Of those more than 300 stores in the country, Minnesota is currently home to 14 locations located in various places in the Twin Cities area, St. Cloud, Rochester, and Mankato, according to the company's website.

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While the retailer does not have a Duluth location currently listed in Duluth, the company is hiring for store leadership and staff for a location in Duluth.

Where will the store be?

There's a bit of a mixed message on precisely where they will be opening, but we have some clues as to two possible locations.

In job listings on the job website Indeed, the company posted positions for store manager, keyholder, and store associate at the address 1600 Miller Trunk Highway in Duluth. That is the address for the Miller Hill Mall.

Separately, the company has the same positions listed on its own website, but it refers to the store location being at the Burning Tree Plaza, which is less than half a mile away from the mall. This complex is the same one that is also home to TJ Maxx, Best Buy, and HomeGoods.

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There is available retail space in both locations, so while it is unlikely they are opening a store at both places, one of these two buildings looks to be the home of the upcoming Torrid store in the Duluth area.

When will they be open?

While we have a pretty good idea of where they will be opening, we have less information about when they will be opening. The job listings were posted more than 30 days ago, so the hiring process has been going on for some time.

We'll continue to investigate and provide more details on the exact location and opening date as they become available.

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