It's been a very eventful few weeks! In early February, I was summoned for jury duty. It was an interesting process from start to finish and while stressful at times, it was definitely something I think everyone needs to experience.

The number one question I got after returning from jury duty was about how much I got paid or if I got paid at all! I did get paid and the check came fairly quick, about one week after I completed my official jury duty status.

Curious how much you make on jury duty? Maybe you've been summoned as well and are curious! For two days of jury duty, I made about fifty dollars. There are two different things you get paid for and this was the total between the two.

The first thing you get paid for as a juror in Duluth is a daily stipend. I was shocked to learn that you get that even if you show up and aren't chosen as a juror that first day! That means, if you are summoned and show up for the selection process but get dismissed, you still make money for that day.

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The "per diem" for each day you show up is twenty dollars. Sure, this isn't what you are making at your day job for the day but it is still a little something for showing up and doing your civic duty.

What I found interesting was that you also get paid for mileage! You get a "mileage reimbursement" stipend for your drive to and from the courthouse to attend jury duty service. You get a rate of fifty-four cents per mile.

When you add the daily rate and the mileage reimbursement money, you get a nice chunk of change to buy yourself a little treat. Hopefully, you don't live too far from the courthouse so you don't have to use that money for gas.

By the way, this is the same all across the state of Minnesota. So if you are reading this but live in Lino Lakes or St. Paul, you get the same pay per day with mileage included. Like I said, it was stressful at times but I am glad I had the experience.

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