Jordan Schmidt has had much success over the last few years writing hit songs, and says it's because he was from Duluth that he made it, had he been from a big city it might not have happened.

Jordan is the son of Mark and Tammy Schmidt, who are members of the big Twin Ports 80s band MYNX. Mark plays keyboards, and Tammy is the lead singer. I once saw them when there was a Pepsi Best Song Contest in the 80s and the bands competed at the Miller Hill Mall. The Rage won the contest but I was taken with their music, and their look, and Cory Clay, the bass player. I had never seen a girl play an instrument and wear a miniskirt. When MYNX got back together, they came to me to bring them on stage and they had no idea what an honor it was for me.

Back to Jordan, haha, off on a tangent there. Jordan was learning all he could about recording equipment and that is what helped him. I have always said, learn everything you can and arm yourself with knowledge when getting into the music business. It has helped Jordan and helped his brother Dane who also is in a band called Jamestown Story and works for the publishing company that Jordan writes for.

Jordan told me that he broke into the business by being able to record with quality sound on the spot. After answering an ad for Florida Georgia Line, he got a break and wrote some good songs, and that's what started it. He has since written some number one songs on the country charts and some big named artists have cut his songs. You can check out some of his music in videos down below.

Thank you Jordan for the visit and sharing what you have learned, and continued success.


This is Jordan's Brother, he is in a band called Jamestown Story you can visit their website here

Here's a video I took when MYNX got back together.

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