Ken & I have launched a new segment called The Monday Laugh Off. We tell bad jokes every Monday morning on The New Breakfast Club around 7:10. We both have to try and keep a straight face and switch off telling each other awfully good jokes. The first person to laugh loses.

I am known around the office as being the person to laugh at everything. I have been practicing my straight face for the past few weeks. Last week, I was even able to hold my own against Ken.

Ken had the morning off so I recruited Chris Allen to come take part. I had my jokes ready and I think they were my best yet. Chris may or may not agree. Judging by his reaction, I am going to have to say that I don't think he was impressed. One thing is for sure - both of our jokes confused each other.

Chris ended up winning this round but I will be back with vengeance and better jokes next time!

Watch the video below to see our ridiculous jokes:

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