A name like Walker McGuire sure sounds country. I think of like a Chuck Norris from Walker Texas Ranger shredding a guitar on stage. But there's more behind the name.

Turns out Walker McGuire is a group that's made up of two guys.  Jordan Walker and Johnnie McGuire.  Those two names on their own are pretty country, and that makes sense as these guys are the real deal.

According to their bio, they are brothers in spirit and are pretty close to each other.

Jordan's influences include great country artists like Keith Whitley, while Johnnie's tastes growing up were more into classic rock acts like Tom Petty.

Together they make a modern fresh sound that you can hear right here with their single "Mysteries of The World."


Another question with this group has popped up with this song.  "Who is D.B. Cooper?"

It will be fun to watch these guys and see where their career takes them!

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