One of the best parts about fall in the Northland is The Haunted Ship. (Okay, I love Halloween so I may be a little biased here.)

People from all over talk about the haunted house, thanks to its major scares and its unique qualities - like being on a ship on the water! It is special and I look forward to it every single year.

Sadly, The Haunted Ship will not be open for the 2019 Halloween season. Some thought it may be return, despite the famous ship being out of commission for awhile, thanks to reports that it would be returning to its berth on the first of October. That is not the case, according to their website.

Last year, The Haunted Ship was also cancelled due to construction and displacement. That means we have had to live without it for two Halloween seasons now.

This isn't a huge shock, though. The William A. Irvin has been closed the past two tourist seasons as it undergoes repairs. One thing is for sure - I will be first in line when it opens next year!

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