The Minnesota fishing opener is this weekend, and a lot of us were holding our breath that ice out would happen in time.  According to the MN DNR, the ice is gone, but some lakes like Kabetogama just had their ice out on May 9th!  Here's some of the other results for this year.

Lake Vermilion squeaked by with ice out just 5 days before the opener on May 7th.  Pelican Lake was a late one as well with it's ice out also on May 7th.  These are the most Northern Lakes we have data for.  Other smaller lakes in the Arrowhead region saw may 7th as the all clear as well.

I've been checking the Lake Vermilion webcam periodically, and it was nice to see finally some blue water.  Early this week there was still some chunks of ice floating out there.

If you are fishing this weekend, please wear a life jacket as it could save your life.  If you fall into this freezing water, it can shock you and cause you to drown.

Be safe, happy fishing!  And be sure to brush up on those new Northern Pike regulations!

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