The Minnesota DNR has been working on a new way to regulate Northern Pike.  These "Northerns" have needed a unique approach to management that varies from locations in the state.  The new regulations take place starting this fishing opener next weekend.

Always check your regulation book for specific bodies of water, as they may have different slots than the new broader regulations.

Here's the changes:

Northeast Minnesota (East of Highway 53)

Goal: maintain harvest opportunity, protect larger fish

  • Anglers can only keep two fish.  All between 30-40 inches need to be released.  One fish over 40 is allowed.  Spearers can take 2 pike, but only one may be larger than 26 inches.

North Central Minnesota (North of Highway 7, 22, 212 border)

Goal: harvest more small pike, help medium size population

  • Anglers can keep 10 Northern Pike.  no more than 2 over 26 inches, all from 22-26 must be released.


Goal: increase pike population and size of fish

  • Anglers and spearers can only keep 2 pike, minimum size is 24"




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