Last year I fooled a fair amount of people. I was telling the story that I was aboard the USS Tiger Shark. If you put that name into Google, it says "this is the most used name for ficticious Submarines. I gave up the truth at 9 am, but some people didn't hear.


During the broadcast, you might have figured it out, that I was not on a sub in the Duluth Harbor. I love having fun with you in the morning and this is what it was, I didn't want to do something that would make you crash in the weather or make it so you would never believe me again. Just something that was a little fun.

First of all, I have to thank the US Navy for not being angry, I know you do an important job, hopefully we brought some awareness to your job. Second, thank you to all service people for what you do, I was not making fun of your job, just using a little theatre of the mind..

For those of you that know the truth, and those who still think I was under water in a sub, here's the secret. A loop of submarine sounds and I talked into a garbage can, watch this video to see me do it...

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