The annual tradition of a decorated and lit Christmas Tree on the Minnesota Power Plaza in Duluth depends on you! The company shared a call to the public for anyone with the perfect tree to be moved downtown and be decorated.

The "perfect tree" is a 35-40' spruce or pine tree within a 10 mile radius of Duluth. The tree should be near a roadway for easy access and harvesting. If your tree is selected, it will be transported to the Minnesota Power Plaza at the intersection of Lake Avenue and Superior Street in Downtown Duluth. It will be decorated with Christmas lights, and will be lit at 5 pm on Friday, November 22.

This tradition has long served as the "kickoff" of the Christmas City of the North Parade, which happens later that evening.

If you have a tree that would work that you'd like to submit to Minnesota Power for consideration, they've set up a form you can fill out to let them know about it. If your tree works, they'll contact you about the next steps.

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