Last season Christian Ponder was showing signs of becoming the Quarterback that we drafted him to be. Won the last 4 games, looked sharp. Heck, the Vikings looked like they could beat anyone. In hindsight, it might have been prophetic that he couldn't finish the job when the Vikings made the playoffs.

When the Vikings signed former Kansas City Chief Matt Cassell, I was excited. He was coming to the same offense he left in New England. Sure he stunk in KC, but was it the right situation for him?

A few weeks ago I brought up the idea that it might be Bill Musgrave and his play calling. I want to take that back. It might be that he can't call anything for Christian Ponder. Ponder isn't acurate with the long ball, he holds the ball too long, because he can't pass, every defense knows the other play is Adrian Peterson. So, I think most teams are playing the run with a chance at a pass.

Matt Cassell came in and showed he has arm strength for the bomb, he can make a decision, he can read a defense, and isn't afraid to audible. Cue Adrian Peterson, he becomes a running monster now that you don't know what play they will call. He looked like a veteran and he looked like he was the man to take the job.

Minnesota Coach Leslie Frazier has kept saying Ponder will be the guy. Then they signed Josh Freeman from Tampa Bay. Frazier says Ponder is still the guy. The announcement came today, Freeman might play, but Cassell is the starter.

Thank you Coach!!! For making a decision that makes sense.

The Vikings might have a chance to save the season, will they win the Super Bowl? Probably not. Wild Card? Maybe.

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