The Minnesota Vikings have stormed London, making it their home away from home for this week 4 "home game" against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. In a Wednesday press conference, coach Leslie Frazier announced Christian Ponder has been limited in practice.

The limitation in practice for Ponder is reportedly due to a rib injury suffered last Sunday in the game against the Cleveland Browns. Ponder did finish that game, and was able to participate in the walk-through part of practice, however he admitted that he's worried about contact following the injury.

While there are still a few days before the game against the Steelers, this injury does open the door for Matt Cassel to get the start on Sunday. Ponder told Tom Pelissero of the USA Today there is a chance Cassel may have to step up.

Even with the injury, Ponder expects to be in Sunday's game as of right now. If he is unable to go as a result of the injury, fans will get their wish and they will be able to see what Matt Cassel can (or can't) do with the Vikings offense.


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