It's not a shock, but it is now official.  The Minnesota Vikings will have their third starting quarterback in 6 games when Josh Freeman goes under center Monday night against the New York Giants.

The Vikings hit the road with hopes of not becoming the first victory for the struggling New York Giants.  Josh Freeman will get his first start, Christian Ponder will be the backup and Matt Cassel has been demoted to third string.  Freeman really has nothing to lose because if he struggles he can fall back on the fact that he's only had a week to practice and if he looks good his stock skyrockets.

However, the Vikings defense remains a tremendous liability and you can bet Eli Manning is looking forward to throwing on the worst secondary he's faced all year.  Nothing can snap a losing streak quite like a Monday Night Football home game against a team struggling to find an identity.

That being said, the Vikings do have a chance.  They key will be to grind it out on the ground with Adrian Peterson, have Josh Freeman move the chains with his arm or legs when he has too, and hope Eli Manning continues to be a turnover machine.

Both teams know what they need to do to win the game, the question is who will come best prepared and execute?

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