It was announced in today's Minnesota Vikings press conference that Josh Freeman suffered a concussion, making it likely Christian Ponder could be starting Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers.

After a historically inaccurate performance on Monday night against the New York Giants; Freeman was diagnosed with a concussion, making his start at Mall of America Field on Sunday doubtful. This news comes one day after Coach Frazier stood by his decision to start Freeman on Monday and reassured the media that he planned to start Josh against the Packers. Many questioned whether or not Freeman had enough time to prepare the start, being he had been with the team for less than two weeks before being given the reigns of the offense.

Freeman's status is officially "doubtful" at this point in time, and a decision is expected later in the week contingent on his condition. Before any decision is made, Freeman will need to submit to the NFL's stringent concussion testing. Should Ponder get the start, it will be the first time on the field since September 22 in a 27-31 loss to the Cleveland Browns. In that game, Ponder received a rib injury, leading to Matt Cassel starting the next game against the Steelers in London.



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