My daughter is the maid of honor in a wedding this May, I found out that some bridal showers now come with a theme and we had a blast putting this one together.  The bride is a Harry Potter fan so that made the theme choice easy.  I didn't know anything about Harry Potter before this, but I do now!  My daughter, the bride's mother and special friends/family did a great job with decorations and themed food.

They worked so very hard on detailed decorations. A lot of thought went into the planning of how they were going to make them.  We saved every cardboard toilet paper roll for the past two months and she and her grandmother made the hanging candles by hand with paint, hot glue guns and tissue paper.  The bride and her bridal party at the shower wore handcrafted ties and round glasses.  Kylee remembered I had a collection of colored bottles from when she was a child and that finished off the centerpieces.

Cathy Kates
Cathy Kates

The food was made with love my several friends and family and Kylee and I had fun "naming" the food and making the signs. One of the highlights of the beverage side of the table was the Butter Beer. It's made with cream soda, butterscotch ice cream topping and ice cream. (it wasn't as sweet as you think it might be).  I was thrilled that the bride's mother decided to go "old school" and made a sandwich loaf.  My daughter didn't understand why, but that was something that use to be served at most showers, bridal or baby (and it was delish!)

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