There must be something in the water - literally! Another country star spent some time in Minnesota recently. Hank Williams Jr. took to the open water to do some fishing over the Fourth of July holiday.

While he didn't come right out and say that he was in Minnesota as he has in the past, some eagle-eyed locals spotted the lake in the background and knew that he was indeed on Mille Lacs. He has been here a handful of times before and so it's not too surprising that he came back yet again!

Hank Williams Jr. captured a few photos, including one with his catch and his new love, and shared them on social media. Many excited fans weighed in the on the comments, with many confirming that he was indeed fishing in Minnesota. Maybe a few even ran into him out on the lake!

He seems to be a big fan of Minnesota waters, as he often visits the state to go fishing and documents it. Around this time last year, he did just that, sharing a photo with a friend and holding up his catch. He even acknowledged that it wasn't too hot here, even for late June. Ha!

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He also appeared to be back in Minnesota fishing a few months later, posting a similar set of photos on his social media pages. Man, this guy just really loves to fish in Minnesota and we aren't complaining! That's why it's not too shocking he was here yet again over the holiday weekend.

He may have started a trend here. In May, fellow country star Dustin Lynch shared a series of photos from a road trip. It was easy to tell that he was in Minnesota thanks to a photo he shared of him in front of a tourist destination and more smart fans recognizing which lake he was fishing on.

A few months before that, Parker McCollum did another kind of fishing! He went ice fishing before a show in February. While I think both types of fishing are fun, I definitely prefer the kind when the sun is out and shining.

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