What to get mom for Mother's Day?  That's what question usually pops into my head this time of year.  My Mom's birthday is near mother's day as well, so I have to get one great gift or a couple of nice gifts.  In college, or in a tough economy, that's kinda hard to do.  Plus the gift shouldn't be how much you can spend, but how thoughtful you can be.  Here's 5 gifts I've gotten Mom for Mother's day through the years.

5.  Framed Pictures Of Us. That works every time.  Mom's love pictures of their kids and/or pictures of the both of you together.  It's a really special thing.

4.  Digital Photo Frame. They are getting easier to use, and I'm confident my mom will be able to use the one I got for her this year.  Plus to make it better, I preloaded it full of pictures of all of us, including her Grandson.

3.  Hobby, Craft Things. I'm pretty sure along the way I got my mom some gift certificates to craft stores.  I remember being very little walking in to a fabric store and buying a bunch of fabric for her.  I knew she would love to use it.

2.  Flowers. It's an old tradition, but it's been around for a reason.  Mom's love flowers.  Especially if you go and pick out the flowers for her.  Plants can be a big hit too.

1.  And My Mom's Most Memorable Gift:  Pizza And A Video Rental. Yeah that may sound funny, but it is my Mom's favorite.  One year I saved up my money from mowing lawns, and I ordered pizza to go.  We walked downtown in Biwabik to Vi's Pizza and picked it up.  On the way back we stopped and rented a movie from the video store.  I paid with all my own money.  We got home, ate the pizza, and watched the movie.  She still talks about how great that was.  Love you Mom!


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