It seems there has been so many recalls lately that when I see one, I glance over it and think, "oh it's just another recall".  But, we need to consciously remember to take them seriously, especially one like this that involves a product that is suppose to be designed to keep our children safe.

Surprisingly it's a very popular brand of children products that is being recalled, Graco.  They've been around for over 60 years and are well trusted.  My daughter is 23 and I remember looking for that brand when I was searching for car seats and strollers.

The recall affects the car seat specifically named My Ride 65 convertible seats.  They are marked with a code of 2014/06 on the tag hanging from the webbing.  [more]

Now, Graco is doing everything they can to notify owners of the defective car seat but here's the problem.  How many times have you bought something and NOT sent in the product information card that comes with it?  I guess now we know why it's important to fill one of those out!  For those Graco customers that they can get a hold of to notify of the situation, they'll be providing a replacement harness free of charge.

I know the company didn't do anything maliciously, for years the safety of our families has been their major concern. However, this is information that should be shared to anyone with children or that will be having a baby soon.

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