I had just noticed that DQ in West Duluth had opened and posed the question as to what seasonal business might be next.  I think we have our answer thanks to the Facebook page of Gordy's Hi-Hat.  I'm uber excited that they are opening soon!


My daughter Kylee was the first person to alert me to the fact that they are opening on March 22.  About this time we start the same conversation we do every year.  One of us says, “When do you think Gordy's will open”. Then, someone will say “it's gotta be soon, it's almost Spring”. Then, I relive my memories of eating at Gordy’s in the 70’s and 80’s and tell them that I remember when they use to stay open through deer hunting season because my mom and I use to go there when the guys were at the shack.  I tell Kylee that when I was pregnant with her I would go there and get a cheeseburger and shrimp because that's what I was craving.

I have ties to Gordy's since the day I was born! My mother was in labor at the Cloquet hospital back when father's weren't allowed in the delivery room and he got tired of waiting.  It was around lunchtime so he headed over to Gordy's Hi-Hat which is very close to the Cloquet Memorial.  Yup, that's when I decided to enter the world and it prompted a phone call to Gordy's to tell my dad (cell phones hadn't even been thought of yet) that he needed to come back. I consider Marilyn, Gordy and Dan Lindquist friends and look forward to seeing them every year as do many people.

The tough part is trying to figure out if I want to start out with a cheeseburger, a fish burger (they're huge), onion rings or fries and do I have a shake or wait and go over to the Gordy's Warming House across the parking lot and get an ice cream cone for dessert.  Whatever I get I know I'll have to wait in line because the Northland is excited about the seasonal opening of Gordy's in Cloquet!

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