Just like a budding flower in Spring there are certain businesses that re-open after taking a winter hiatus and it gets Northlanders excited about the possibility of our seasons changing.  I was surprised to see one such business open on Grand Avenue in West Duluth already, Dairy Queen.  Woot Woot!  Here's my list of other businesses that I can't wait to open, can you add to it?


  • Scott Olson/Getty Images
    Scott Olson/Getty Images

    Gordy's Hi-Hat

    Gordy's Hi-Hat in Sunnyside, Cloquet is a frequent destination for us to go when we're on the cycle.  It's just hard to decide between a hamburger or fish sandwich.  Of course, we get fries AND onion rings and we have to have a shake or at least hit up the ice cream shop next door, don't you agree?

  • Michael Kovac/Getty Images
    Michael Kovac/Getty Images

    Capt'n J's Miniature Golf

  • Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
    Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

    Duluth Rowing Club

  • Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
    Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

    A & Dubs

    We live close enough to A & Dub's that we get the delicious smell if the wind is blowing right.  Super awesome nostalgia at A & Dub's, where you can still drive up and get the tray of food delivered to your car by a "car hop".

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