Minnesota might be the full time home of one very famous face soon - if it isn't already! The Hollywood actress just did an interview and people are freaking out because it seems like she is planning on retiring soon.

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We all know Jessica Lange is from Cloquet. She has been in so many incredible projects ,like American Horror Story, Tootsie, Big Fish, Blue Sky and so many more. She has been in way too many shows and movies to get to here and most of them are pretty darn good.

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It doesn't seem like she's going to be adding any more to her resume, either. In an interview with The Telegraph earlier this month, the actress casually stated that she doesn't see herself acting too much longer. Even the interviewer thought he was hearing her wrong.

Before going on with the interview, he paused to ask if he heard her right and questioned if she was planning on retiring from acting for good. Here's how she replied:

I am. I don’t think I’ll do this too much longer.

What?! She is one of the most beloved actress of our time so this is definitely shocking. However, it's not for lack of being able to act or a choice she is making because she simply wants to relax.

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Instead, she told the publication that she simply doesn't like how movies are being made these days, even citing comic book movies as the downfall of the industry. She also says movies are made these days for profit and profit only for big companies and corporations.

She's basically a legend by Hollywood standards but has always been a Cloquet girl at heart, having been born and raised there. She even stayed throughout early adulthood before she ventured off to New York and Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Despite it all, she still supposedly holds onto a property in the Northland.

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We all know that worked out well, considering she has two Oscars and several nominations, three Emmys and five Golden Globes. Now it looks like she might be taking all of this hardware to her hometown for good. Hey Jessica, see you in Cloquet?

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