Important information you should know!  The American Heart Association and  Essentia Health will be offering FREE  Hands Only CPR training on Friday, June 10 from 11-1 at the Miller Hill Mall.  I'll be broadcasting LIVE from the event and hope you stop by to learn how to save lives AND sign up to win Trace Adkins tickets while we visit!! 

“Anyone can learn CPR – and everyone should. Statistics show that 70 percent of Americans feel helpless and unable to act during a cardiac emergency,” says Ron Siebert, director of Essentia Health's Heart & Vascular Center. “And when you consider that a majority of cardiac arrests occur at home, the life you save with CPR is most likely to be someone you love.”

This month, in honor of National CPR Week, the American Heart Association is calling on all Americans to learn how to give hands-only CPR. Reservations are not necessary for individuals or small groups to participate. The training will take 15 to 20 minutes and will be ongoing from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. near Barnes and Noble.  Call 218- 213-5104 for more information or to RSVP for your large group.

People who want to learn this lifesaving skill but are unable to make it to the mall on June 10 can learn hands-only CPR skills by watching a simple one-minute video at

PLEASE NOTE: Hands-only CPR is intended for adults only. Infants, children under eight years old and victims of drowning or respiratory issues need conventional CPR with chest compressions and breaths.

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