Today is Cathy's last day on B105.  We've been gathering the well wishes and comments from her fans, and we've put them together in a short video.  Best of luck, Cathy.  We'll miss you!

If you shared a longer story about Cathy (which many of you did) we'll be putting together another piece on that shortly.


Also here are some stories that were submitted:

I remember setting my alarm every morning on my birthday because Cathy would remember to wish my brother, Matt, and me Happy Birthday since we're 2 years apart but born on the same day. I had the best birthdays because I would wake up so happy and throughout the day people I knew would say they heard on the radio it was our birthday. Also, I remember when Cathy was first hired and my Dad finally got to tease her because she worked for a country station and she used to tease him before then that he always had B105 on his radio.I love you Cathy! Best of luck and you're going you do more amazing things!

-Joy P

Hey lovely lady!

You and Ken were two of the friendly voices that were with me as I made my transition to Duluth over 10 years ago. I'm a HUGE fan of music and I love my radio!! So, finding radio companions to wake up to is important to me. Not only were you a welcoming voice but a welcoming person that added an inspiring touch of welcoming community here. Your kind of an amazing person! Your positive, yet real, attitude, energy and community spirit is admirable. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. (You too Ken!) Thank you for bringing us all in to be a part of your morning show world. Thanks for making mornings great for so many and helping us head into our day in a little better way!

Love, hugs and happiness! Peace out Sista!

-Judy B

Too many great memories, but Cathy's first day ever live on the radio was a classic! The great Pat Puchalla finished his forecast and cued Cathy to jump in with the current temps by pointing to her. She pointed back!

Radio lesson #1, check.

The line-up to chew out that certainly crazy program director who hired her was a long one. All seemed to have their doubts except a wise general manager, Charles Norman, who stated so calmly with a low Arkansas drawl, "she's gonna be a big deal here"... And 20+ years later after those first silly mis-cues - Cathy has opened her full, authentic life to the B105 family and connected with colleagues and listeners in a way few are able to do. The people Cathy will be working with next are blessed - and so are all of us who have had the opportunity to get to know her.

Best wishes to our friend!


Its not going to be the same without you! Every morning i listen and i dont think there has ever been one morning that i was disapointed with the Breakfast Club. Its a great way to start the day! Best of wishes to you Cathy!

-Samantha O

Well Kathy good luck in your new endeavor. It's been so fun and a pleasure to work with you as you started your radio career. You've have blossomed into one of the most caring public serving industry people I've ever known. What fun and Memories We Share including the first breakfast flakes cookbook love you lots good luck.


Cathy is one of the most hard working, compassionate women I have ever met. Although not personal friends, I shared emotional moments during the St Jude radiothon becoming a Partner in Hope in honor of my beautiful daughter Jenni and could feel Cathy's love and compassion. I wish her good luck in her new adventures and God speed. Love you Cathy. Thanks for the memories....

-Barb B

Some of my favorite is meeting her at the Superior farmers market. And also when we had her come to the Eagles Club in Superior in help us raise money for charity.

-Tish S

I have been listening to you since it started on B 105 Way back when you were part of the Breakfast Flakes. Was sad when you left for awhile but you came back. I have so many memories of you, When you had surgery and taped from your kitchen with your bathrobe one, St. Judes radio-thon,eating my cooking and your care package at Christmas and much more. I'm sad but also happy for you because you need to look out for your future. I wish you the best my friend and I know we will still be in touch.

-Shirley C

Just hearing your voice each morning...brighten's my mornings!! will miss you and ken's antics :) but i do wish you the best!! i'm the one who called and talked to you this morning...was nice to hear your voice!! thanks for answering the phone this morning!


Stories when she was little about her and her wonderful mom (Ada). Could say any of her crazy adventures how they go. She will be missed as she has been part of B105 many years through all the changes they done. Nobody will be able to replace the fun she gave Breakfast Club. Think in her honor the Breakfast Club retire and come up with a new name. Kathy you made it so wonderful to listen to and wish you all the best in your new life journey.

-Linda H


I have been listening to you for so many years now that it seems so wrong when I turn the radio on and it's not your voice in the morning like when you are on vacation. Now, I will only hear Ken.. EEEGADS!! LOL!! I love Ken too, and his voice is great to hear in the morning (ok.. that sounded creepy!). Anyhow.. I wish you the best and know this couldn't have been an easy decision. I have been honored to also met you/know you and I hope our paths cross around town.

I will miss you!

-Sheila T

I have listened to Cathy for many many years. My parents have too. I don't remember the 1st time I heard her on the radio, but it was back in elementary school. She has always been nice and caring when seeing her in public. It will be sad to turn on b105 and not have her there. Good luck in this next road of life! You will definitely be missed.

-Carrie S

For My daughter's teen years, Cathy was the 'much cooler beloved ' second mom to my daughter. My daughter joined Cathy and her daughter on many camping trips and music festivals. She has photos with Taylor swift, Toby Keith, dirks Bentley, just to name a few. To this day, my now 23 year old has a great love for country music, and misses few concerts in the twin cities. We wish her the best in her next adventure, and have no doubt she will have an impact at her next work place. We will miss her wonderful personality on air.

-Teresa P

I will never forget working the St. Jude. Cancer Kids for for hope. You made a sad thing so much fun. When I got cancer this past winter your kind words ment so much Thank you again.I still listen through the computer even though I live in Michigan. You will be greatly missed good luck with your next adventure and God BlessYou!!

-Susan E

No!! Say it ain't so!! I am not only going to miss Cathy on the radio, I'm going to miss her at so many public events! I've had the pleasure of co-moderating, co-emceeing, co-hosting, co-operating with Cathy at various charitable events over the years and she always made them fun, smooth, professional and a joy to be involved with. My very best wishes to you Cathy! I know you will continue to be a valuable asset to our region in new and exciting ways as you have done so well for so long!

-Darren D

I remember listening to Cathy when I was in labor with my 14 year old son. Helped me through the pain. Gave me some great music to listen to!! She is funny, and s great person! Thank you for the years, and the memories! You will be missed!!!

-Mary E

Cathy, you are going to be great at whatever you set your mind to!! Since I don't have Ken's cell phone number I guess I'll have to actually call in to the station to play the trivia question in the morning! Best wishes... I know we'll see you soon!


Cathy good luck on your new venture you will be missed, you are one of my favorite northland DJs I've listened to you on the morning show from way back when you and Pat were doing it and there wasn't a morning I didn't laugh, what's Ken gonna do without you! Haha


Hey Cathy!

I wish you all the best in your future job. As for favorite memory it would have to be working the radio thon with you and the rest of the crew this last year. You really showed the ins and outs of being on air. I thank you for that! Again hope this new job is amazing for you

-Rachel H

My favorite memory of Cathy is when myself, Cathy, Ken and Nick went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I just remember it was my first time meeting you guys and I was excited, best part of it was that tons of people were recognizing Cathy from the breakfast club and coming up to her and saying hi and we were all laughing because no one recognized Ken. :-)

-Becka L

Cathy with a "C", we're sure going to miss you! Every morning, I turn on the radio, and there you are, along with Ken, making most of the northland laugh and giggle! Now its just going to be Ken! Good luck with your future endeavors, and hope to hear you on the air again sometime in the future!

-Bruce B

So happy for you Cathy but also sad. Which story do I tell as there are so many funny ones. I met Cathy 5 years ago when I started volunteering for the St Jude's radiothon. They were trying to encourage callers to call in to make pledges and Cathy said she would dance or something like that so Chris got out his phone and recorded her, I decided to join in and oh dear after seeing the video on you tube I think I will just dance in the privacy of my own home = Thanks Cathy for all your hard work through out the years as well as the laughter and love you have shared with all of us in the Northland you will be missed.


Cathy, I have no idea how anyone could ever work as hard as you on zero sleep and still have the energy and BEAUTY that you do. I cannot thank you enough for welcoming me with open arms the first time we met and the hours, tears, laughs, and passion you put into raising funds for the kids of St. Jude. You will always be part of the St. Jude family. Thank you for what you do and who you are, you'll forever be an inspiration. Loves!

-Callie S

While I never met Cathy, I remember Ken teasing her with the Tim McGraw "Truck Yeah," compilation of all her silly little moments. He even posted a pic of her glaring in the studio as he was putting it together.

-Jennifer B

When I found the that you love pb cup blizzards I came down to the superior farm market and gave you one. When you asked me to take a picture with me I couldn't believe my luck! Then when I got a text message from you with the picture I might have freaked out a bit! I love listening to you every morning for when i leave the gym, I've learned so much and will miss your voice! Good luck and best of wishes!!

-Helana S

You are a staple of this community and I am proud of you for everything you have done and will continue to do for Duluth. You are an amazing woman who will be great at whatever you choose to do with your life. Sean and I are proud of you and we love you!

-Melony B

Soooo many memories, but this one was awesome. Early one morning, was able to pick her up at the station, on the motorcycle to go get donuts. The best part, she was live on the radio while on the back of the bike !!! Oh yeah !! Good luck Cathy, stay in touch !!!


Best of Luck and congratulations on your new career. I met Cathy when she bought a schnauzer puppy from us.. Buck Lee. Buck Lee didn't work out but meeting Cathy and her family and sharing the love off schnauzers will always stay with me.

-Michele B

One of my favorite memories has to be the party bus... One in particular, she handed out chapstick because it's an important staple for a music festival. She called herself mama bear taking care of everyone on the bus haha I loved it!


It is difficult for me to know how to start this, as Cathy was introduced to a vast northland radio audience in March of 1999, as a Breakfast "Flake" and I was the other half of that morning fare in her early radio days. We shared the same room, always were together in conversations with the audience and we knew how to push the buttons on the equipment and, management, too! We went through a lot...from the first day jitters to making sure you'd get on the Arco float to keep "secure" the coffee cup, to that day of 9/11. Oh, and when Cathy would go on vacation, and upon her return, I'd have her mowing the yards of listeners and raking businesses leaves. We'd be on stage hosting events, antics at Kiwanis Auctions, Lions Pancake day and other gatherings. Congratulations and best wishes on your next chapter, Cathy!

-Pat P

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