Cathy Kates announced today that she is leaving us.  It's incredibly sad and I'll miss her a lot.  I've been going back through the memories we've had and this one came up.  This pretty much sums up our relationship the past few years. 

Let me explain the background.  We had been broadcasting in the WITC lobby and handing out free pop.  There was two coolers full of ice and pop and we were both trying to get all the equipment to the van in one trip.  I told Cathy she should probably just try moving one cooler and I'll go back and get the other one.  She said she got it and to keep going.

So I made it to the van, and seeing what was about to happen, I pulled out my camera.  In hind sight, I probably could have been a little more attentive and helped her, but man it was a good laugh.

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